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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that can restore your youthful appearance using your own fat! Simply put, Fat Transfer takes unwanted fat from one area and moves it to another area that needs it. Many areas of your body can be treated including your face, breasts, and buttocks. Since the process is completed with your own fat, there is no chance of allergic reaction or rejection of the fat.

This procedure is performed by a cosmetic surgeon and requires little down time. The fat is removed from unwanted areas then cleaned and injected into the areas pre-determined by the patient. It takes only minutes to complete the procedure and patients can return to normal activities almost immediately. It is important that the procedure is completed by a cosmetic surgeon who has specialized training.


Fat Transfer/Grafting to the Face

Today in our society, looking your best has never been more important. Having a youthful healthy appearance starts with how your face looks. It’s the first thing people see and almost impossible to cover up. When we are born, our face starts out as a grape, but with aging, sun damage and hereditary our face starts to turn into a raisin. To replace that lost volume in our face we in the past have turned to fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, a temporary fix at best. These fillers last between 6-12 months for most and cost between $550 to $775 per cc or unit. Who wants to come back every 6 months to redo the injections just to maintain their look? Not to mention the cost of each treatment session! Because of great advances in medicine and technology today, we are now able to give you a greater and healthier option than fillers and injections! Make way for the newest way to look younger and healthier!

Fat Transfer/Grafting is easier, safer and in the long run, much cheaper than any filler being offered today. Because we are using your own, natural fat, there is no chance of allergic reaction because your body will accept it, and in most cases, it is a PERMANENT result! Because your own fat and stem cells are being transferred to a different part of your body, Dr. Mosquera takes his time to make sure the fat is harvested correctly so that once the stem cells are transferred to your face, the fat cells will flourish and create a long lasting, natural appearance. This procedure doesn’t just provide a filling effect but creates a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

When you transfer fat to your face, you may use a range of areas from your body such as abdomen, hips, thighs and more. Fat generally carries little to no risks because it is your own tissue and will not be rejected by your body or trigger an allergic reaction as can occur with a foreign substance. This procedure is the safest and healthiest way possible to make you look younger and healthier. This procedure is done with a small syringe with no cutting whatsoever. There is no downtime, no anesthesia, and in less than an hour, you may return to your daily activities. Fat transfer patients notice that natural fat tends to be softer, allowing for improved shaping and contouring and a smoother, more natural look, unlike fillers and injections which can look harsh on your face. Most of us would welcome a more youthful appearance and facial rejuvenation that can be accomplished with fat transfer. It can have the effect of a facelift without the incisions and recovery time. Also, using fat from your own body eliminates the possibility of rejection or allergic reaction.

Per the American Medical Association, the average cost nationwide of a traditional facelift is $9,000 to $15,000. Fat Transfer can be done for much less without the long recovery time associated with a traditional facelift.

Natural Breast Enhancement

Women have long joked that they would be so happy if they could just take fat from their butt or thighs and put it on their chest! Believe it or not, that is now a reality! Fat Transfer procedures, which have been attempted for years have now become a safe, simple, natural way to enhance breasts. Again, as we age, our breasts often do not have the shape or volume we were once accustomed to. Many women experience changes because of childbirth, breastfeeding, or weight loss.

Fat Transfer allows us the ability to take fat from an unwanted area and re-shape the breast with the extracted fat and stem cells. Advanced research tells us that the stem cells play a key part in the transfer. It is important that a specially trained doctor perform this procedure to achieve optimum results.

Natural Breast Enhancement is a wonderful alternative to traditional Breast Augmentation. Women can expect a 1-2 cup size enhancement which is all natural and won’t leak or rupture as can happen with implants. It will never need to be replaced and does not interfere with mammograms. Per the American Medical Association, the average cost nationwide of traditional breast augmentation where silicone or saline is used is $3,500 to $6,500. Fat Transfer can be done for much less without the long recovery time associated with a traditional breast augmentation.



A new procedure called the “Brazilian Butt Lift” is now available in Central Florida. Women and Men who are not satisfied with their rear shape can take advantage of new “fat Transfer” technology and modify that shape. The Fat Transfer procedure involves removing fat from other areas of the body, cleaning it, and injecting it into the buttocks. The shape is determined by where the fat is placed as well as how much is used to achieve desired results. Many people desire a more youthful appearance while some are just looking for a little more cushion! This is a natural procedure using one’s own unwanted fat from other areas of the body. It’s is so much easier than butt implants, the only other option for this enhancement. By using your own fat the risk of rejecting the implants is avoided significantly.