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Experience the Ultimate Body Transformation with Our Mommy Makeover

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your post-baby body?

Our Mommy Makeover procedure is the perfect solution to help you restore your pre-pregnancy figure and regain your confidence.

Hi moms, we are ready for your transformation!

Mommy Makeover are a customized surgical procedure that will address multiple areas of concern with one surgery and one recovery. A Mommy makeover will help patient reshape and address the tummy and breast at one time. Dr Thomas, a double board-certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience is proud to have helped countless patient achieve their goals and get their body back after pregnancy or significant weight loss. It is one of her most popular procedures she performs because it will address lose skin and bulging muscles on the tummy and then to complete the transformation on the tummy with Liposuction for shaping and contouring. Dr Thomas will then complete the Mommy makeover procedure with breast enhancement that will bring the breast back to their youthful look, feel and fullness. Based on the customized evaluation with Dr Thomas breast enhancement can include:

Breast Augmentation or implant

Breast Lift

Breast Lift with Augmentation or implant

Whatever combination you choose will be between you and Dr Thomas to discuss at you FREE consultation.

Regain Your Confidence and Feel Like Yourself Again​

Mommy makeovers start at $12,000, and as with all of our procedures we offer a true A-Z price guarantee that includes, facility fee, any anesthesia charges,  tummy garment and bra, pre-operative and all post operative appointments.  

Years of Experience

Latest Technology


Amazing Results*

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