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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Why are we different? Why choose us? What sets us apart from other cosmetic surgery centers?

Over the last few years, it seems to be that doing as many surgeries as possible is the new standard for most of the plastic surgery facilities.

South Florida, especially, is an area that has earned its name for high volume surgeries at below market pricing, some successful and some not so successful. These surgery centers are running like production mills with a revolving door of patients. The patients go in for surgery and might be seen once or twice for post-op then discharged! Who wants any surgery at a mill and how is that even safe?

Most of these facilities charge for consultations and you don’t even get to meet the Surgeon! Some will even give procedure pricing over the phone, without a physical exam. How can you feel comfortable scheduling a surgery with a surgeon you have never met! Likewise, how can someone give you a quote when they have never even seen you in person! Not to mention all the medical problems that come from these chop shop centers.

In a lot of cases, the Cosmetic Surgeon is not even Board Certified in Plastic Surgery! Did you know that it is actually legal to allow any Dr to perform Plastic Surgery? Just like you would not allow your primary care Dr to perform heart surgery on you, would you feel comfortable allowing a dermatologist who has no training in cosmetic surgery preform your breast augmentation?

I guess you can say we are a little old fashioned, but we do things differently here. We value each individual patient more than we value a number. Our consultations are by appointment only and are always free. When you come in you get to meet the Surgeon and she will spend time with you going over your specific needs to ensure you get the results you want. Your questions will be answered by our 5 Star rated Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gloria Thomas, not by a salesperson. Your relationship with the Surgeon starts at your consultation and continues to grow into a long-term partnership through all of your post op care.

We are not interested in winning a prize for doing the most surgeries.

Each procedure is customized to fit your individual body needs. There is no one size fits all when it comes to plastic surgery. Our goal is to help ease your concerns when considering a plastic surgery procedure by maintaining our gold star standard in surgery facility accreditation, AAAASF. We are immensely proud of our safety record….we are a zero incident facility!

Shopping for a Plastic Surgeon isn’t something you want from the clearance rack! If you want a safe and successful result, do not put a discount tag on your body!

Dr. Gloria Thomas specializes in all body contouring procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, mommy make overs and Brazilian butt lifts to name a few. Financing is available.